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I have friends who have as much interest in basketball as they do in vacuuming under the bed. In fact, my anal neat-freak friend TJ, who promised she would give me two weeks notice before stopping by my house, would much prefer vacuuming to basketball. To her, basketball means sweaty, tattooed guys in baggy Bermuda shorts and squeaky shoes running up and down a court for a couple of hours. Boring. (Her word.)

She only enjoyed the game when her kids played. Why? Because she knew the players.

The NBA Finals are going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Golden State Warriors. Again. I wonder if non-fans were armed with a little more information than jersey numbers, it might make the games more interesting. These nuggets about the teams and their key players might help my friends put away their Dysons and tune in.


They were named Cavaliers because the word represents daring, fearless men, with a never-surrender attitude.

And Cavaliers’ players tend to have names that start with K.

  1. Kyrie Irving #2

Destined for the NBA, Kyrie was dribbling basketballs at the ripe old age of 13 months. He loves to journal, so maybe he’ll become a writer. It’s never too late.

  1. LeBron James #23

He was born in Akron to a 16-year-old single mom with few financial resources, and they struggled. With a net worth of 400 million, LeBron now runs a non-profit organization called Family Foundation, which helps children in need in his hometown.

  1. Kyle Korver #26

His Kyle Korver Foundation has held coat drives for kids in need, and a Socktober, annual sock drive to collect socks for people who are homeless.

  1. Kevin Love #0

In addition to his hoops career, he’s also an actor who has appeared in the movie “Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot” and HBO’s “Entourage.” In both roles, he played himself. Sounds like typecasting to me.

  1. Tristan Thompson #13

He doesn’t have a K in his name, but he’s dating someone who does—Khloe Kardashian.


When Philadelphia got an NBA franchise in 1946, the owners named the team The Warriors after a 1925 Philly team. In 1971, the team, now located in Oakland, changed the name to Golden State Warriors because the team belongs to the entire state.

  1. Steph(en) Curry #30

Steph was born in Ohio and his dad played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. File that under ironic. He was born at the same hospital as LeBron James—and the same doctor delivered them. File that under coincidence.  When Steph was in college, he found a wallet that contained $160. And he returned it. File that under honest guy.

  1. Kevin Durant #35

Kevin went to University of Texas and quit after his freshman year to enter the NBA draft. This season he’ll make 26 million+, but in the off-season, the multi-millionaire returns to UT to earn his degree. It’s all to honor his mom, who at 21, dropped out college to raise him and his brother. Plus, it’s good for Kevin to have a Plan B just in case this basketball thing doesn’t work out for him.

Watch him dedicate his MPV award to his mom (on YouTube). You’ll be a Kevin Durant fan for life.

  1. Draymond Green #23

When he played for Michigan State, he got the nickname Dancing Bear because he’s quick on his feet, has a squat frame and a friendly attitude.

  1. ZaZa Pachulia #27

He serves as style editor for HOOP Magazine. Perhaps he’s trying to dispel the notion that stylish basketball player is an oxymoron.

  1. Klay Thompson #11

As a kid in Oregon, he played little league with Kevin Love. They became great friends and now they’re facing off on the court. Love is a Cleveland Cavalier. (Another one to file under coincidence.)

Because I’m Ohio-born, I feel duty bound to pull for the Cavs. But I’m a fan of the Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, which makes me a bit ambivalent about my loyalty this season. Steve was a college student when his father, president of American University in Beirut, was murdered by terrorists. Now, doesn’t knowing something about him make him a lot more interesting than if you only know he’s the coach?

My nephew Dillon—a huge Cavs fan—gave me some sound advice. “I’m a fan of Kerr’s, too,” he said, “But not during the Finals.” Well said. So, Go Cavs!

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